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WE are: Your vision. Our mission!

We’re your one-stop agency for art buying and art production. Which means we plan and execute your entire project as one seamless, turnkey solution. Reliably. Confidently. With our offices in Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin always available to support you. Backed by a wealth of experience in art buying and art production. We’re experts in film and photo production, consulting, and casting. And we can connect you with the best professionals for your current project – worldwide.


Neuer Pferdemarkt 23, 20359 Hamburg
+49 40 401 879 99

Anne Kotte

Senior Art Producer
+49 179 138 64 19

Tina Bornkampf

Art Producer
+49 40 401 879 99

Alex Kuhlencordt

Junior/Trainee Art Producer

Bruno Kubitz

Junior/Trainee Art Producer

Lotta Schwieder

Art Producer
+49 40 401 879 99

Anja Heineking

Art Producer
+49 40 401 879 99


Widdersdorfer Straße 190a, 50825 Köln
+49 714 189 94 533

Nicole Meier

Art Producer
+49 174 923 18 02


Luba Klauser

+49 176 215 86 791

Fabian Engelhart



Rosenstrasse 5, 71640 Ludwigsburg
+49 714 189 94 5339

Sandra Bürkle

Senior Art Producer
+49 172 939 69 31

Hasan Morina

Art Producer
+49 172 626 04 20

Monika Stojanovic

Art Producer/Freelance
+49 176 223 90 455

Lotte Kratzer

Junior/Trainee Art Producer
+49 159 040 42 973‬

Martin Schidlo

Art Producer/Freelance
+49 176 444 77 070

Michaela Gruber


WE can: Groove is in the heart

We get you where you want to go. In the manner you prefer. Looking glamorous in Vogue or wearing a boiler suit on an Alp. Any which way, you’ll achieve exceptional results. Because we have the wherewithal to make your vision work. Analog and digital. Local and global. Professionalism is everything. But nothing without passion. We’re open, honest and committed. We see the big picture and keep track of the smallest details. That’s how we manage your project smoothly and accurately. Always with your objectives in mind.

WE supply: Artbuying & Artproducing

  • Photo
  • Film
  • Sound
  • Cast
  • Location
  • Social
  • Freelance
  • Services
Classic Art Buying. Art Production. Photo Shooting. Photo Production. Lookbook Shooting. Consulting. Illustration. National. International. Research. Model Casting. Model Booking. Testimonials. Celebrity Booking. Artist Management. Make Up. Hair. Styling. Location-scouting. Location check. Post-production. Set design. Rights Clearance. Permits. Picture Editing. Stock Photo Research. Licensing.
Film Productions. Making Of. Image films. TV Spots. YouTube Bumper Ads. Research. Recommendation. Selection. Direction. Camera. SFX Artists. Organization. Support. Radio Production. Music Cooperation. Sound Design. Composing. Voice Casting. Agency Producer.
Individual music requests, sound logos, compilations or stick used creatively. We have musical partners for every genre and every taste.
Brand Ambassadors. Testimonials. Celebrities. Influencer. Recherche, Consulting, Management.

Location Scouting. Location Checking.

Brand Consulting. Research and recommendation of channels, affiliates, influencers, marketing and seeding partners. Creation of budget and cost plan.
Research, recommendation and selection of freelancers. Consulting. Art Direction. Graphic Design. Final Artwork. Post Production. Copy. Translation. Editing. Concept. Layout. Storyboard. Animation. Comic. Composing. Online Programming. 3D Animation. Apps. Virtual Reality.
CGI. Artist Management. Fashion Shows. Event Agencies. Show Acts. Consulting. Purchasing. Coordination. Management. Architecture. Exhibition Construction. Street Art. Negotiation of offers, fees, usage rights.

WE follow

Lauren Machen
Andy Rementer
Die Geniesser
Ein Dollar Brille
Lee Materazzi

WE want you!

Hi! Enjoy being in front of the camera? Interested in being an extra for film and photo productions? Then send us your contact details and a photo of yourself. Or come to our Open Casting in person. We look forward to seeing you.


Next Open Casting!

OFFICE NORTH: by appointment

OFFICE SOUTH: by appointment

WE thank you

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